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Cheeseboro Consulting Services is coaching women to  Re-create their lives through our Heart on Fire Program which includes group coaching, workshops, webinars and retreat.  We also have self-study programs which can include some individual  coaching.  Are programs are designed for individuals who are ready to re-create their lives during and  post divorce, retired or nearing retirement, widows or lost of love one, and those who are empty-nest.  

Our mission is to inspire and motivate women to love themselves unconditionally. be confident in her purpose, and set their lives on fire with new dreams and goals.


Our Programs:

Our programs are available both on-line and in person.  We also can also will facilitate our programs to organizations online and in person.

Journaling and Life Tips

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 Journaling & Life Tips

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Patricia Cheeseboro


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We help you to navigate through major life changes and  focus on you and your goals and dreams. 


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